A dream is rarely real. It happens in sleep, a state of less alertness.

Most management gurus will tell you to dream big, and realize your dreams. Ask them what ? They will say money, wealth, power, success, or fame. Isn't it stupid that you work so hard your whole life to achieve your dreams and then leave everything behind ? Is it worth it ? The question is itself the answer.

There is 1 more dream you could try. That is the work in progress to improve your humanity - to achieve happiness. And this effort which you put in will be useful in the next life too. The soul will carry the imprints of your deeds, your humanity. This is worth your time.

But this cannot be called a dream. It is merely the depth and humaneness you are putting into the present. Your humanity is not calculative, it does not hope for a reward in the future. It simply lives in the joy of the present clothed with love. So, this is not a dream, it is not a future.

The dream of wealth, power, fame is merely to butter your ego. There are no spiritual fruits. Don't dream.

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