I drink. I smoke. I party. I sleep late. I like women. I do drugs. I am a workaholic, don't spend time with my family. I am rude. I take revenge. I boast. I am selfish. This list could be similar to anyone, with few or major differences. The list does not matter. Don't judge my morals.

Religions have passed judgements on most things. When judgements are passed, it's the end of freedom. If you believe in that religion, you accept it, and stop your thinking. Your common sense has stopped. Our intelligence was meant to think, and reason. Don't judge me by the yardstick of religion, because it is static. It can't weigh in balance the present circumstance. Don't judge my morals.

It's wrong to judge a call girl, or a thief in a negative light. Because the act is not sufficient to pass judgement. The background is needed. Don't judge my morals.

I have freedom to act. I am not bond by any human. I am accountable for my karma to my own soul. So, don't interfere in my free journey. Let me learn the lessons, and experience the joys through my own introspections. Don't judge my morals.

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