Life has many tragedies. One of the greatest is a heartbreak.

When your heart breaks, the spirit of your life goes. You become slow. You feel lost. You can't focus. You become a human only with a body, nothing else. You walk like a zombie.

We have mini heart breaks everyday. This happens when people break our trust. We expect something, and that is not delivered. This is the classic story of a heart break. Whether a heart break is mini or major depends on the receiver. It depends on your intellectual programming.

To insulate yourself from a heart break you may like to keep the 7 guidances below in mind :

* life ends in death, love has no future

* reduce expectations, the cause of sorrow

* be a giver, pure love enjoys its act of giving

* those who break your trust show the reflection of their character, not yours

* reduce ego, because ego can't accept rejection

* don't ignore people who love you, give them your love, feel blessed

* you are God's creation, seek the divinity of his love, and protection, human love is fragile

These 7 pointers can be intellectually programmed into your mind for ensuring your thoughts are prevented from the danger of a deep depression.

Don't seek the love which does not seek you!