Today's education teaches us knowledge, and skills to sharpen our intellectual abilities. It gives us great knowledge on so many topics.

But let's ask ourselves a basic question ? Does our intellectual search help us better in managing our lives ? Can we better manage our emotions ? Do we feel more at peace after our academic education ends ? The answer is NO.

Education which does not teach the knowledge and mastery of our emotions has something basic lacking. It is like we are swimming in the deep sea of emotions. We are helpless. We don't know how to handle the strong waves of jealousy, anger, and greed sweeping our minds. Educations needs to give us the keys of love, joy, and positivity which we can use throughout our lives. Otherwise, we will feel locked within our emotional mess and will not be able to break free and experience the bliss of inner peace.

An attempt is needed to understand the emotional jig saw puzzle. Only through this consciousness, we rise in our humanity. Education has a key role to play in this.

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