There are 2 ways to sit on a horse. The 1st is with a saddle, the 2nd is without one. When you sit with a saddle, you control the horse, but when you sit without a saddle, the horse controls you.

Your emotions are like the horse. Either you control them or they control you.

When you feel anger, can you be indifferent to it ? Yes, you can. Remove your ego out of the picture.

When you feel love, can you remove attachment out of it ? Yes, you can. It is when your love becomes free, without ownership.

When you feel greed, can you remove dishonesty out of the picture ? Yes, you can. Think of death, destroy greed.

When you feel lust, can you not express it wrongfully to others through words, or actions ? Yes, you can. Satisfy your own lust.

When you feel jealousy, can you not do wrong things to destroy your object of jealousy ? Yes, you can. Feel gratitude for what you have, look inside, not outside.

Every emotion can be carefully trained, and controlled for a positive outcome. You are the jockey (horse rider) of your life. Ride a horse with a saddle, and enjoy the power to be in control of the direction of your moods.

Emotions can be controlled !