The food was tasty, nice, spicy. They relished every morsel of it. Just across the road was a monastery. They deliberately made food with less salt, and spice - less tasty. It was a method of self-denial. One lived for the joy of the body, the other looked to liberate the soul. Enjoy or deny.

The golden questions - are the 2 mutually exclusive ? Can the body enjoy itself without harming the soul ? Can the soul rise in stature without denying the body ? Does sacrifice of 1 lead to the liberation of another ?

All the above questions lead to 1 suggestive answer. That to reach the pleasure of 1, there must be pain to the other.

Instead of "enjoy" or "deny", can it not be "enjoy" and "enjoy" ? In this case, there is no sacrifice. You enjoy the pleasures of the body and the senses, and at the same time you spiritually elevate your soul. You get the best of both the worlds. Our beautiful bodily senses were not made for the purpose of denial. They are nature's sign to tell us that enjoying bodily pleasures is our right. At the same time, we are all mindful that we need to nurture our souls. This can be done through human values. So by enjoying what our physical senses offer and giving spiritual food to the soul, we no more have to exercise a choice. It is enjoy and enjoy.