The past is a memory. The future cannot come now. You live only in the present. Experience joy. Be playful. Become a child. Life is fun. Life is meaningless. Enjoy the present.

Those who worry about the future live in its fear. It puts pressure on them. They lose their freedom, their innocence. The future is only an imagination. It is the cause of anxiety, delusion. The visionary in reality never imagines the future. He enjoys the present, and maximises his joy, bliss, and alertness. Through the joy of the present, a new future is created. Future is not created by vision, it is created by joy. Vision has no inspiration, only joy has. Enjoy the present.

Those who wish to enjoy the present, know how to create those magical moments of love and light heartedness. Love is joy. Having fun is joy. Fun not at expense of someone else, but fun which wears the clothing of love. Love lives in bliss every moment. Because love has no future, love has no expectation. It enjoys the pure experience of giving. Love is alert, alive in the present. It is fully sensitive. Enjoy the present.