He is my father. He is my boss. He is my teacher. He is my guru. It seems on the face of it these are unequal relationships. Inequality where one is superior to the other. By the virtue of position, this natural inequality exists. Inequality creates uneasiness to both parties because freedom is lost. Equality creates freedom to express. How do we ensure equality ?

Equality can only be created by the superior, not the subordinate. Only the father, the boss, the teacher, the guru can create equality. Not the other person. How do they create equality ?

The following 7 guidelines can help a superior create equality with his subordinate in relationships :

* don't use your power to abuse

* don't instruct, instead only suggest

* be willing to learn

* accept your mistakes

* listen well, not only talk and command

* be a bit funny, formal barriers break

* show you care

When the barriers of inequality break, every relationship feels magical. Create magic in your relationships through equality.

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