A holiday means you don't go to work, you take a day off. For most of us it is Sunday. We relax, we chill, we have fun. Why can't everyday be like a holiday ? We can have fun in work too. 80% of our time is spent on work. It better be fun. Then, everyday is a holiday.

Life is too short for worries. Worries about the future. Some loss or some pain. Be prepared to lose. Hold on only to the bliss of the present moment. It's not to experience worry, but feel the ecstasy of joy. Let life be a joy. Everyday is a holiday.

Expectations weigh us down. We feel burdened. If we learn to expect less, we feel more free. Everyday is a holiday.

We are attached to our goals, and desires. We want to own them, fulfill them. We are running after them, but they are running away from us. Attachment is pain. Feel detached. Everyday is a holiday.

The moments of greatest intimacy give us the greatest joy. Be soft, gentle, caring. Everyday is a holiday.

Giving uplifts you. Helping the needy helps our spirit. Help others. Everyday is a holiday.

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