Evolution Contradicts

Human life starts as a baby and ends in old age. Every person evolves his thinking over time. He cannot have the same thought in his youth and old age. The basic evolution of his thinking will ensure contradiction.

Young people value pleasure more than other things. Here the pleasure we refer is more physical. In older age, intellectual and spiritual pleasures take over. The subject is the same, the object different.

As the objects change, so does the prism of thinking. Contradiction over time is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. One need not hide behind a curtain. Through humility we can adjust ourselves easily to contradiction.

What is a contradiction to the external world, appears so natural to our evolving self. Be more concerned with your natural comfort, you have to live only with yourself. The perceived contradiction of your views should be justifiable with yourself. If you can do this with logic and reason, you will be able to live in peace with your conscience. Evolution maybe contradictory, but you can live in calmness in the home of contradiction.