To be the best, you can't beat the rest. You are the best. You have scaled the mountain of excellence. You have no competition. You had no benchmark to reach. You did not look at others. You only looked at yourself internally. You maximised your potential. Your second name was called "excellence". You stood alone on the podium. Excellence does not compete.

Excellence is a term to describe something perfect or close to that. To be perfect, you can't look to match anything imperfect. Imperfection cannot be your benchmark. Instead, you benchmark yourself. You benchmark your maximum potential.

Excellence needs passion. It needs willpower. It needs discipline. And lots of patience. It does not look for short-cuts. It is built on a good value system. It's never a goal, it's the perfection in the journey. Excellence does not thrive on competition. Its hunger is internal. Only it can feed its own hunger. Excellence does not compete.