Very often people tell us, “don’t worry, have faith in God”. It’s easy to say have faith in God. But what does this exactly mean ?

Faith in God means to resign to your fate, & accept the will of God. While accepting the will of God when some difficulty or calamity comes, it does not mean that we don’t try to improve our circumstances. It does not mean that we don’t put in hard & sincere work & work towards removing our distress. Our actions are in our hands, so we can’t ignore them. Sincere actions are seen by God & is one of the ways to improve our fate.

However, faith in God in reality means to submit to the will of God with wilful acceptance. We accept our difficulties with a smiling face of gratitude, & with patience happily bear the difficulties of life. We know that better times will follow. This is the meaning of having faith in God.

Faith in God involves accepting his will !