He lived in his fears. He was constantly worried what people would think about what he said. Hence often he said things which he did not believe in. He often said false things because he wanted to show the right picture to people around him. He was not true to himself. He was dealing in fake currency.

Each human being has his own value. The only difference being that we cannot determine anyone's value by the denomination of the currency. The currency of humanity and human values is denominationless. We cannot assign less value to anyone. We are equal as a human race, to think in terms of superiority is ego. When we understand equality in the truest sense, we learn the art of harmonious relationships and a peaceful environment. The name of this currency is love. When given to someone, nothing becomes less from you. That's the magic of this currency.

Love is pure, it is true, but it is also rare. We find it difficult to give love without conditions or reason. Often we have difficulty even in genuinely expressing love. It seems we have lost connection with our true inner core. Our material quest has put a lid on our humanity. We are failing to connect with another human. The emotional connect even when attempted appears to lack the spirit of care. Our ambitions, our desires have quashed our humanity. We are human only in body. We live for our body. Our spirit, our soul has lost its universal connect. This connect has been neglected. Hence, even while attempting to exhibit love, it is a false exhibition. It is an exhibition of the body, but lacking in spirit. Sadly, this is fake currency.