Buddha lived many centuries ago. His life was a model of virtue. The truth he sought as a young man he attained. He was enlightened. When he attained enlightenment, he became a "Buddha". This means he attained perfect wisdom or "bodhi" or enlightenment. From then on he was referred to as the Buddha.

Buddha is a divine state. A state where intellectual, and emotional faculties have evolved to the highest level or perfection. It's what we all spiritually strive for. We strive for that inner peace, joy, and tranquility. It is a state wherein the external disturbances don't disturb our inner calmness. It's a state of natural joy. It's our ideal. Ideals exists to be attained. Find the Buddha in you.

Only through the test of fire you can attain the strength of steel. Your spiritual strength cannot also be attained with ease. It needs to undergo the toughest trials, and tribulations. You will need to pass these tests. You will need to suffer spiritual turmoil. This will teach lessons worthy of feeling the Buddha in you. If you shy away from this tough road, and seeking the answers to those tough questions, and are satisfied merely living a practical life enjoying the senses, maybe you may never get a chance to feel the divinity of Buddha. The quest for Buddha needs sacrifice. The Buddha which lived in this world externally can live in you internally. Find the Buddha in you.

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