You wanted to share your recent success with your soulmate. You can't tell everything to everyone but to your soulmate, you are emotionally naked. You can share everything. There is full trust, full comfort. We all need soulmates. Those people who mean to us many things. But above all they are part of your soul. They live inside you. Because they are inside of you, they already know you. They are your soulmates. To find one who qualifies as 1, you will 1st need to find your soul.

If someone asked to find your right thumb, that's easy. But if someone asked to find your soul, that's a toughie. Where do you find it ? Is it your mind, or is it your heart ? The soul exists without thoughts, without feelings. The soul is not the mind, not the heart. It is the imprint left by the thoughts, and feelings. These thoughts, and feelings are translated to words and actions. The combined imprint of all is the DNA of your soul. Unravelling your DNA is like making an attempt to find your soul.

The soulmates we talk about are external. It's a connection we are seeking to make with another soul. When the 2 mate together, they become soulmates. To achieve the purity of true soulmates is a rare thing with our human weaknesses, and failings of mistrust, doubt, and changing loyalties. In the real world, this purity is often polluted. Instead of mating with an external soul, we could retain this purity by choosing to mate with our own. We could then be our own soulmate. There would be no case of mistrust or doubtful loyalties. To do this you will need to feel the deep connection within. Find your soul.