Food has to be defined as a basic human right. It is the duty of every government to see that every single citizen is given basic food. Those who do fasting know the pangs of hunger. No one else except the fasting should suffer from these pangs. Otherwise, it is a failure of humanity.

Nearly 11.3% of the world's population or roughy 805 million people suffer from chronic hunger of consuming less than 2100 calories. Let's join hands and address this issue and fill their stomachs, and fill our karma.

Globally, 1 in 15 children die, mostly due to hunger. Relieve the pain of these innocent children. Give them food.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has identified 4 issues regarding food security - availability, accessibility, utilisation, stability. Governments need to study these issues in detail and find solutions. NGO's must reach out in poverty stricken areas where there is hunger, and malnutrition.

When you start your meal, you maybe saying a prayer of gratitude to God, but also say a prayer for the hungry.

Happy World Food Day (Oct 16) !

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