You are hurt. There are 2 choices - take revenge, or forgive. Revenge is a poison. When someone throws dirt at you, you throw it back. In the emotional ecosystem, this assumes the shape of poison. Through forgiveness, you could have converted this poison into a fragrance. Because after you forgive, the table tennis match of anger has ended. You have caught the ball of hatred in your hands, folded your hands, and said sorry. You suddenly feel divine. Forgiveness is a fragrance.

Forgiveness is a tough act to do. Someone has punctured your heart. Your feelings are hurt. How can you forgive ? You have to distance the hurt you are feeling from yourself. You have to say that the hurt caused by that person was caused by him. It has nothing to do with your fault. After that, we drop our ego. Only when we are able to do this, will we be able to forgive. We value the relationship more than the ego. When this happens, we will say to ourselves, "forgiveness is a fragrance".

Forgiveness has divinity attached to it. Humans can't forgive easily. But God forgives. Hence, the divinity. To smell this divine fragrance, forgive. Forgiveness is a fragrance.

You can't forgive if you stick to your stand. It does not matter what is right or wrong. You value the human being above all his imperfections. If you are able to do this in a given situation, you will be able to forgive. Forgiveness is a fragrance.

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