An insult is a terrible thing. Somebody has cast aspersions, & bad mouthed you on your values, competence, or intention. Our ego is punctured now. Because the job of the ego is to protect your reputation. The reputation is damaged. The ego hurt.

Now, what is the reaction to this insult ? The normal reaction to a damaged ego is to fight back. We throw insult back at that person. Or we try & damage the person behind his back. This fight back is called revenge. Revenge seeks recompense from the hurt, & harm caused.

But there are a few saintly people in this world who absorb insults with humility, & dignity. They don’t attack the insulter. Instead, they perform the divine act of forgiveness. Forgiveness is the toughest thing to do. Only a man who lives in a virtually egoless state can have the capacity to do so.

Forgiving insults makes you spiritually great !