At times we wonder why there is no reply. Why has the communication stopped? Getting no message is also a message.

When at least a reply does not come, it hurts. Because a reply is basic human courtesy that the other person respects the relationship. Some people don't value relationships. They are cold, indifferent. They hurt others. When a reply does not come, don't take the burden of pain on yourself. Accept this insult with grace. Don't chase the person. Maintain your dignity. Walk away without a care in the world. Your self-respect matters most.

Getting no message is also a message. But not every time. Some people are just careless in responding. Accept their lack of human sensitivity. Forgive them. Don't throw your anger on them. They just care less, feel less. It's their fault, not yours.

In important decisions of our life, we expect a response. A friend in need is where the friendship is tested. Respond when it counts. Send your message.