A hug is a sign of warmth. People who are close to each other, generally hug each other when they meet. It is a step more warm, more closer than a handshake. A handshake is a virtual formality. A hug crosses the formal barrier, and moves into the informal space. A hug indicates a more intimate personal bond.

A hug needs a little courage sometimes. Because sometimes you may want to give a hug, but are fearful how your hug will be reciprocated from the other person. We fear rejection. We fear that what if we go close to the other person to hug, and that person suddenly either steps back or is cold in his body language. We fear getting hurt by this indifference and lack of human warmth. To insulate ourselves from this fear, we often end up playing safe. We don't jump in the human pool of expressions and emotions, we hold it back. We end up not showing our warmth, we don't hug the person.

Now, just imagine if the other person was also playing safe, it means that both wanted to express their love, and warmth for each other but ended up not doing it. In this lack of physical expression, the emotional distance amongst humanity remains at an arms length, it misses the magic of intimacy.

A hug is pure. By pure, it means it is an expression of love. Love is pure, because it is from the heart. A hug speaks the language of human compassion. A hug is not meant to become sexual because then it moves from love to lust. A hug of love has no boundary. It crosses the boundaries of race, gender, class, religion, and expectation. A hug has no expectation. Love has no expectation. Love has only care. Stop all your intellectual reasoning, thoughts, and activities, feel the affectionate beating of your heart, and bring all your relationships closer to you - you simply have to GIVE A HUG.

Happy National Hug Day ( Jan 21 ) 🤗 !