Polonius in Hamlet said, "give every man thy ear, but few thy voice".

These words have deep meaning in daily life.

One of the main problems we find in our relationships is listening. We are not good listeners. We are in a hurry to respond, to form a conclusion. The entire conversation becomes an aggressive table tennis match. Instead, if we chose to calm down, and just listen. No response needed. And we do this for everyone, then we would become mind healers for our near and dear ones. Just give your ear.

The other problem we face in our relationships is that we advice too much. As if everyone belongs to us, and we have a right to shower our intelligent advice on that person. Giving advice maybe free, but it binds the other person to your thinking. Most people don't seek advice, unless they ask. So, give it when asked, or unless you perceive a grave risk to your friend. Otherwise, silence is better. Give few thy voice.

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