When the going gets tough, the tough get going. They go through it. They don't avoid the issue. They don't run away. They don't shirk. They come in the front, take responsibility. They go through it.

Life throws with us many challenges. Not even 1 person is immune from some kind of difficulty at some time. They are tests. Tests of our patience, and forbearance. We have only 2 choices - 1. Give up or 2. Go through it.

Giving up is easy. It's weakness. When your finances are down, do you give up or fight ? When your health is down, do you give up and complaint all the time ? When your relationships are in a mess, do you withdraw or correct yourself and mend them ? When your social status has taken a hit, do you vanish in thin air or put up a brace face with a clean conscience ?

We can choose to give up, and run away. But the strong weather the storm with a smile. When homeless beggars can smile, why can't you ? Because a trial is only a trial. It's going to judge how you react. It is testing whether you will panic. Instead of turning your back and losing the battle without a fight, the lessons of wisdom are learnt by those who go through it.

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