God cannot be an atheist. It is as if he is denying himself. God cannot be a theist also. It is as if he needs to prove himself.

God does not work like man. Man needs effort to do things. God works effortlessly. This is a testament of his total power.

Man needs some success to prove his worth in society. God needs to show nothing to be worshipped by humanity. Even if he cannot be seen, he will still be worshipped. Because his signs are understood by most men. Hence, God does not need proof.

It's a mystery how the 1st man was created. This makes many believe that a superior power, God, created. This is proof of God.

Karma is the perfect justice which takes place in human life. It is beyond human capacity to do perfect justice to every man. God proves himself once again.

The creation of the universe once again proves God. Man did not do it. Big Bang says a small particle exploded and created the universe. Even if we were to believe the scientists, let us ask the question who created the 1st tiny particle ? It is God, who proves himself once again.

Have you wondered how beautifully and predictably the seasons alternate and the mercy of rain water gives life to the earth and its inhabitants ? Surely it is not magic. God does not need proof.