God is universal power. God is creator. Humanity is a lower power whose power is derived from the higher power. The question is simple - can a lower power understand a higher power ? Can a student understand the knowledge of his teacher ? The answer is a simple - NO. The higher power understands the lower power, but the lower power cannot do so. It's simply impossible.

The attempt by a lower power to form an understanding of a higher power is a mere theory, hypothesis. Humanity as a race is divided in terms of its belief, and understanding of its higher power - God. We have atheists, and agnostics. Then, we have denominations of different religions. Each of these claim some form of belief, and theory of the higher power. Each theory has some form of individuality, and uniqueness attached to it. There may not be many overlapping points. A discussion on God by a pluralistic group is in reality a discussion of differences. When differences are discussed, disputes come to the fore. It's rather uncomfortable for most.

An unproven concept with differing theories is a breeding ground of communal hatred. The catalyst of this is our internal intolerance. Intolerance is natural because we welcome similarity, but are naturally discomforted by differences. When we see differences, we feel threatened. We are not secure in our own beliefs, so the others around always appear a bit intimitading. It's difficult to be tolerant, leave aside having the breadth of heart to respect others the right to have their belief. Self-righteousness is a natural human trait. Hence, God is difficult to discuss.

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