Good thoughts, good words, good deeds - these are the 3 guiding principles of the Zoroastrian faith, religion.

It may seem very simple. But it's meaning and value to human life is profound.

The seed of every action is 1st sown in the mind. This is the start. This is where intentions are born. This is the root. When the roots are strong, and pure, the tree can stand its weight for ages. Hence, good thoughts.

Words once spoken cannot be taken back. We need to be careful of our words, measure them. The same words which can destroy, can also heal. They can spread love, and bring calm to disturbed hearts. Hence, good words.

A man is worth what his actions make him worth. It's only the nobility of his actions which will count. He can stand tall only on account of his actions. Hence, good deeds.

Good thoughts, good words, good deeds !

Happy Navroze !

17 Aug, 2017