Gossip believes in putting the other person down. It says bad things about others. The cause of it is jealousy and competitiveness.

Gossip is evil. It has led to enmity, hatred, and even violence. Friends turn into enemies. Love is destroyed.

We often enjoy gossip. We feel we have nothing to lose. We just have to throw the poisonous arrow of gossip and sit back and enjoy the fun. After all, we wrongfully feel more superior after it. It is a nice massage on our ego.

But it's not that simple. Gossip is a boomerang. A boomerang when thrown returns back at you. Yes, gossip is a boomerang. Throw it in the open air, the deadly weapon of gossip with which you struck someone will strike you back. It's simple karma. Beware of gossip.

Gossip bites you back!