Gratitude is the source of all blessings. When you are grateful, you open the door for the next good thing to happen to you. When you complain, you close the doors of blessings. Complaints destroy blessings. Gratitude increases blessings to an imaginable extent.

Gratitude means thankfulness. It can often be for some help, gift, or service. But gratitude can be without direction also. There is no object to thank. Then, gratitude enters your breath. The name of your breath is called "gratitude". When this happens, you have made gratitude infinite.

Gratitude is easy when everything is viewed as a blessing. The "G" in gratitude could refer to the "G" in God. God and gratitude go hand in hand. Prayers often start with gratitude. Gratitude has divinity in it. When you start feeling this divinity in it, you have connected with its infinity.

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