Grief is part and parcel of life. We all feel pain. The pain of loss, or hurt. We can't hold back our grief within us always. We need to share. Because the pain is too deep. Only when we talk to someone, we feel better. Grief is a river. Allow the water to flow. Share your grief with someone. Take it out from your heart.

When we lock the grief in our hearts, we miss the chance of good advice. We miss the opportunity to feel better just by talking.

Sometimes we slide into a depression by holding back our sadness. Don't hold back. Let the tears flow.

Sometimes grief can lead to extreme anger or violence. Beware of this, because if grief becomes the reason for revenge matters could get more entangled and complicated. This is an overflow of grief, the overflow of a river flooding the adjoining land and causing harm to people and property. Instead, let the water of grief flow normally, and keeping the overflow under control through a little sharing and addressing the cause of grief by rendering it irrelevant.

Grief is a river.

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