He lived in a large mansion. There were so many helpers in that huge house. He lived with his family. Their meals were sumptuous. And the house had nearly every amenity - swimming pool, health club, laundry, mini-theatre. It was the house of dreams. Somewhere where most people could stay only in their dreams. His lavish affluence could not be hidden. He was immensely wealthy. Economists termed this person as having a high standard of living or a good quality of life.

But can life's quality be determined by external luxuries ? Can living in a dream house make one actually feel heavenly ? Can a feeling in the mind be aroused by a luxury ? Can we automatically conclude that luxuries means a good quality of life ? These questions are rudimentary in finding our answer.

The standard of living by the standard of an economist could have wealth as its benchmark. But ask the same question to thousands of people across all income levels. We find no correlation between wealth and its effect on the mind. Because wealth cannot be enjoyed in the mind. It is fully external. Only its illusion can be made a pretence of. The one who claims his wealth has given him happiness is fooling himself.

Every single human being has been given the keys of happiness. And wealth is not one of the keys. The keys of happiness are :

* human values

* positivity

* detachment

When these 3 keys are used, we find a happy person. Happiness is your birthright. Those who recognise this gift, and value it over other aspirations and ambitions will have in reality achieved a higher standard of living. Only though a higher standard of thinking can we elevate our lives. We need to master our thoughts, be in control them, have the ability to direct them. When this path is realised, we feel the bliss of a heavenly quality of life.

Happy World Mental Health Day (Oct 10) !

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