Life throws good, & bad situations for every single of us. No one can say he is more lucky than the other. Because when we see apparent good luck on someone, we often miss the stress or pain the person is experiencing in another field. Circumstances test all of us. Only those mental masters can sail through each situation with calm, grace, & poise.

Our inner peace depends not on our circumstances but in fact on how we handle them. Our reaction to the events happening in our lives determines our mental state. Another name as to how we react is called disposition.

Some of the features leading to a happy disposition are :

# willingness to lose

# keeping commitments

# caring for others

# helping the needy

# being grateful

# keeping ego low

# solving problems

Indeed our happiness depends on few of the above factors which help us to tackle even tricky, & dicey situations.

Happiness depends on our disposition, not on our circumstances !

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