He got a distinction in his 10th grade, he felt happy. Her mother was recovering well from a serious illness, she felt happy. He just finished his prayers, he felt happy. He suddenly got a big order in his business, he felt happy. Her husband was very caring towards her, she felt happy. Their only child was getting married, they felt happy. Happiness has different meanings for different people at different times.

To prescribe a standard prescription for happiness is a mistake. A doctor prescribes the medicine only after careful questioning, investigation, and diagnosis. Each patient who seeks to be happy, and feels he is not so, requires customised treatment.

Happiness is an important goal for most of us. But this same goal wears a different mask for us. For some happiness gets defined by their achievement. For some, it is the money they make. For others, it is measured by the power they exercise. For many, being famous is happy. For a few, it is how much service they can be to others. For another lot, it's measured by the love they spread, and then some feel happy making others happy.

Happiness means you feel light, blessed, with less worry and tension. Contentment is a key to happiness. But often, we try to open the lock of happiness with the wrong key. Life is an experiment. The road to happiness is an experiment too. As we keep trying different keys at different times, we suddenly feel we are trying to feel our inner consciousness. Nothing can feel the pulse of happiness better than our own conscience. The more sensitivity we develop towards it, we develop more sensitivity to people around us. We are all blessed with a pure conscience. We feel inner joy, when we spread joy to others. And vice-versa. If we are tuned to this internal barometer, we can enjoy happiness in its different clothings. Then, we start enjoying happiness, each enjoying it in his own form, because externally happiness has many meanings.

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