We live in 2 worlds - the outer world, and the inner world. Our outer world is our money, power, fame, and social status. It is external to us, hence our outer world. Our inner world comprises our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Happiness lies in the inner world. Hence, happy people build their inner world.

Very often people misunderstand thinking their is a direct link between the outer and inner world. They feel success in the outer world will give them inner happiness. But the wise men fully know the difference. They know there is no link between the 2. Happy people build their inner world.

Happiness in the inner world is built on 7 factors, they are :

* contentment

* human values

* joy

* positivity

* detachment

* love

* helpfulness

The above 7 factors play a key role in building the inner world. Happy people have knowledge of this. And they put this knowledge in practise in their daily lives. That's why they are happy. Happy people build their inner world.

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