He came from a poor background. His parents could not even give him life's basic needs. They struggled to make ends meet. Their food, clothing, home - all were very simple, and basic. Life was a struggle. This young boy needed a helping hand who would groom his nascent talent and give him the right opportunity to grow his career. He was inspired by Bill Dates. He so much wanted to meet him, interact with him. To connect to Bill Dates without a reference was a near impossibility. But his desire was such that every week he would send Bill Dates an uniquely worded proposition by email which at the end bore his same signature. When Bill Dates received his 7th email, he told his assistant, "he seeks me".

Bill Dates was immensely wealthy as well as magnificently philanthropic. He was a worldwide celebrity. It is normal for celebrities to not respond to their fans individually. Fans are in multiples of thousands, but the celebrity is only 1. It is humanly impossible. Their non-responsiveness is not considered impolite, it's in fact the norm, perfectly normal. But Bill Dates was a celebrity with a difference. He responded to every single message he received, irrespective of any biases or considerations. He had a private office of 21 people set up purely to respond to everyone. This Bill Dates private office was a reflection of his moral conscience to respond to those who need him. He did not need them, but they needed him. He did not have a need, but he fulfilled other's need. This was A+ selflessness.

Life is a table tennis game. You hit the ball towards what you want, and the ball again comes back to you. The ball coming straight at you, is the person in need who seeks you. That is why it is coming to you. Let's assume you ignore this request, this need. You walk away. What happens? The table tennis ball coming to you does not touch the table tennis racket, and is not returned back, and you end up losing the point. This is the story of our life. When we are insensitive to the needs of the people who seek us, we get slapped with the same karmic insensitivity by the people we seek. Let's be of help, and service to those who need us. Not because we will get anything in return. Help without expectation, help unconditionally. Enjoy the purity of this service. And adopt the behavioural clothing of Bill Dates when someone seeks you. It is an angel testing you. It's a test of your humanity.

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