Heart To Heart Connection

It's the moment of pure magic. Everything has a climax. And this is an emotional climax. But there is a difference. It's not momentary, not transient, not fleeting. Its permanent. This permanent climax is called a "heart to heart connection".

When 2 hearts connect, the distance disappears. There is none. The understanding is total. Each heart understands the other heart. It can feel the other heart's joy and pain as if it is its own. Hence we call this a connection. An occurrence where 2 hearts merge, become 1, submerged in their love and affection of each other.

The greatest magnet in the world is love. We are pulled where there is love, where we are cared for, where we receive love. We live in our hearts, in our own feelings, emotions. But we can't live within ourselves all the time. It's too lonely. It's depressing. We are looking to connect. To connect with other hearts. This is our life long quest. To be part of an ecosystem where there is love, and care. When we make this special connection to 1 person or to even a group, we put our seal of belongingness to it. We belong only to what we love, nothing else. Love binds like nothing else, it is the strongest glue. All other glues have inherent weaknesses in their materials.

A heart to heart connection refreshes you. It gives you emotional security. When you start making regular heart to heart connections, you start believing in the Compassion, and Mercy of your Creator. Your spiritual ability to connect to others is linked to your faith in the universal power. When we live in a state where there is love, where hearts are connecting, where there is understanding and compassion, we can feel the cool breeze of the universal power giving us comfort. This puts the stamp of truth on us being created for heart to heart connections.

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