Friendship is give, & take. If it is give & give, it is charity. In fact in friendship, it is not even give & take. Give & take happens naturally without ever feeling about the same. Friendship is an expression of love where our hearts feel safe, secure, & special.

There are 3 special conditions which ensures friendship flourishes :

1. Honesty - Transparency, & trust form a key ingredient. Friends don’t need to lie or hide anything from each other. Their lives to each other are an open book.

2. Heartfulness - Care for each other gives the perfect watering for the tree of friendship to grow. There is love, affection, & understanding.

3. Helpfulness - A friend helped in need is a friend indeed. The true character of friendship gets tested when your friend needs your help.

Friendship is one of life’s finest blessings. Do give it the greasing of honesty, heartfulness, & helpfulness to keep it well oiled & prevent it from screeching & scratching !