A humble man is much loved. Because he is simple, modest, & not boastful. He is happy with himself, he does not need to boast.

A humble man is not living for show. Hence, he does not put a false pretense through his words, or actions. He lives not to show off to others, but instead lives to attain his own inner peace.

The path to humility could have the following 7 methods :

# speaking in a caring, considerate, & compassionate manner & making people comfortable

# not trying to show off your achievements at the drop off a hat

# being available for people who need your help

# removing pride, ego by thinking of death

# maintaining the self respect of the other person, specially in public

# praising others regularly

# reducing the size of one’s material ambitions, but not hard work

People are attracted to humble people as a young babies gravitate when they see their mothers. Humility often unites 2 people as 1. If the tone of God could be heard, it would be clothed with the heavenly robes of humility.

Humility is a great turn on !

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