Giving birth to a child should not be an automatic action. It must be a well thought out choice. Because your children are your responsibility. Their upbringing depends on you. You need to be prepared to give them your time, and efforts. I am a parent, it's a job.

Parenting is a job. Each parent views their upbringing role, and goal differently. Some allow automatic upbringing, which means children soak in the environment and learn. Others try to make their children excel academically, with the best intelligence. While some parents aim at raising up children who are loving, caring, and helpful to others with good values. I am a parent, it's a job.

In reality, parenting is a mix of everything. Well-rounded children need well-rounded upbringing. We must aim to create balanced adults. Any extra intensity in only 1 area can lead the child off balance. And if there are 2 things that children need the most from their parents, it is - love, and security. Children who are given an overdose of this start excelling in all other spheres too. Children are love in pure form. They need the fragrance of love's shower from you everyday. Don't use your power, raise your voice, and beat them. You will lose them forever. I am a parent, it's a job.

Happy Global Day of Parents (June 1)

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