I Am Feeling A Bit Lonely

He lived in the heart of New York, Manhattan. The pace was quick. There was a crowd of people in all parts of Manhattan. Busy people, active people. But right in the middle of all this action, there was a young man with a good job. He had come out to grab his lunch. As he sat on the bench in the park eating his lunch, he felt a bit lonely. His colleague in office spotted him and they sat next to each other eating their lunch, and carrying on a conversation. But he still felt lonely right in the middle of the conversation.

It's alright to feel lonely, because we are human mortals, not spiritual masters. We have not mastered our emotions. We are subject to them. They rule us, instead of us ruling them. Emotions are our masters, and not vice-versa. Loneliness is one such emotion. We are unable to master it. So, in our defeat we have to suffer its partnership. It holds our hands and comes along with us. It's an uncomfortable feeling, but a slave has no choice. We are mere slaves to loneliness.

There are only 2 types of people who have mastered loneliness - 1st is the one who feels connected to the humanity around him, the 2nd who is spiritually content and does not even have the need to connect. Beside these 2 types, everyone else suffers from pangs of loneliness.

When you can transmit love through human sensitivity to people around you, you experience inner bliss and joy. You can feel your heart dancing with elation to the song of love. Love is always fulfilled, never lonely.

Then there are those who have renounced the very thought of human bonding through asceticism They live totally isolated lives. Human interactions, relationships, and emotions are not part of their spiritual equation. They try and practice self-mastery, a self without any emotional needs. A self secluded from joy, as well as pain. This type of spirituality finds its contentment in isolation and renunciation. Once such mastery is achieved, there can be no loneliness because human isolation is the goal itself.

Loneliness can be mastered. Sprinkle your relationships with a little bit more of love. Suddenly, you will feel greater connectivity. And don't compare yourself with others. Never put yourself in someone else's shoes and feel that something is missing in your life. Remember, how perfectly your shoes were sized for your feet by the justice of destiny. And feel content at the shoes you are wearing. With a heart full of love, and interactions filled with sensitivity, with joy and contentment, your presence will become the cure for many lonely people. You are not the patient anymore. You are the medicine.

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