I Am Hurt

Her friend shouted at her in an insulting tone. It was not her fault. But still it was not a time of understanding. It was the rage of anger. Anger creates deep emotional disturbance. She was hurt.

Hurt is common. It seems to happen so often. Everyday it happens. People hurt us regularly. The very nature of some people is hurtful. The very nature of some relationships are hurtful. But hurt is 2 way. Just like how 2 hands are needed to clap. If the hand of hurt from the other side is waiting for your hand to clap, but you don't offer it, then there will be no clap. There will be no hurt. Hurt is therefore not dependent on the other person alone, it is dependent also on you. If you choose, you can become a master at insulating yourself from hurt.

To achieve mastery from hurt, requires deep mental and emotional conditioning and understanding. It needs an internal adjustment of our life's focus, goals, and direction. I list for you 7 tips to prevent hurt :

* you are egoless

* someone's anger or insult is not necessarily a reflection of you, it's of them

* be prepared to lose your love because love cannot be owned, it can only be celebrated

* people are jealous of you, so the best way they can get back is to hurt you, value yourself

* people are greedy, they can even cheat, don't feel hurt, be proud you are honest

* expectations lead to hurt, don't expect to receive, be a giver

* all hurt is irrelevant, imagine you will die in 7 minutes, you will not ever feel hurt, it will appear too insignificant

Store these 7 tips in your heart. Let their wisdom reflect in your life. Then the only time you will remember you were badly hurt was before you read this article, "I am hurt".