We expect. We feel we deserve things, and feelings from others. As if it's our right. When our expectation is not fulfilled, we feel hurt. It hits a nerve in our heart. The conditioning to expect is the cause of this pain. Reverse conditioning is needed. I am not entitled to anything.

A beggar has nothing. So he has to beg to survive. A beggar has nothing to lose. In this sense, he is mentally free. This mental freedom is the key to inner peace. We often are burdened with our goals, and ambitions. We want to achieve, and attach ourselves to so many things. This is the main cause of stress. We need to think differently. I am not entitled to anything.

We came from the universe into this earth without even a cloth on our body. We were zero when we came. Then why this aspiration to be a hero ? We are fighting against nature. Zero is our natural state. Ego, hope, expectation, and ambition are states of desires. We lose inner peace. To gain it back, just remember, "I am not entitled to anything".