Those who have nothing have nothing to lose. You can't threaten a poor man to make him poor by taking his money, because he hardly has any. Loss comes only when you have something to protect. If you have to protect your wealth, health, relationships, ego, or social status, then it means you can't afford to lose it. When you need to hold onto something, and are not prepared to let it go, you start becoming fearful. Fearful of losing.

Fear is weakness. Fear restricts your freedom, destroys your positivity. A mind living in many fears, is actually living a life of tears. Fear is caused due to attachment. When you become detached, you become fearless. You then feel free. You experience the bliss of innocence, free from the expectations of possessions and attachments.

A free mind never feels ownership of anything. This absence of ownership gives it the freedom to sing a song without inhibitions. Because there is no fear of external judgement to cause loss of ownership. You are not mindful of being judged. You ceased to be measured by human expectations. You are flying freely high in the sky where humans look above and envy your height. They too could reach that same height. If only they were prepared to lose.