It's now or never. Satisfaction cannot be planned for future. You can't expect certain goal accomplishment to give you satisfaction. Because they are external. Satisfaction is internal. It's a mistake to link the 2. Because there can be no such link.

Accomplishments may increase your status in society, increase your self worth. But to consider these as the cause of one's contentment and satisfaction is a folly. When your heart feels jolly at the present, that is satisfaction. Satisfaction is a present state. It can't be found in a beautiful dream or fanciful imagination.

We are driven by ambition. For some it's an obsession. Deep ambition for worldly accomplishment imbalances our mental equilibrium. It's good to be goal driven but not to be merely driven by your goals only. A balanced life is a see-saw balancing right in the middle. It stays balanced because family, work, career, fun, hobbies, spirituality, etc get beautifully inter-woven into a beautiful rainbow carpet. The colour in this carpet is spell-binding to the naked eye. We can't take our eyes off. That's the beauty of balance. Balance which smiles with satisfaction. Such satisfaction is not waiting in the queue for gratification. It can stand alone with a silent joy and say, "I am satisfied now".