Feb 14 has become a historical day for the world. The history of past love gets renewed, reignited, and remembered. Love has a history, it's future is a mystery. On this day, numerous couples give their vows of love to their beloved. In this new age of What's App there are often many beloveds which cross the barrier of exclusivity, gender, and physicality.

Love is the world's highest peak. Imagine, the excitement, exhilaration, and energy one feels on climbing, and conquering the world's highest peak - in short one feels on top of the world. When you are in love, and your love has an object and/or subject, you feel the power of love's energy. Love is strength, power, energy. Love is purity. Love is a cure for all mental weaknesses, illnesses, and blocks. Love opens the path to freedom. Love is boundariless, so love can only make you feel more free. Love accepts you in every form, so you lose your inhibitions, you feel more free.

Sometimes, love gets corrupted. It tries to become an owner. It tries to possess its lover. This love is not free, it is restrictive. Hence, it's purity has got polluted.

Valentine - the name has a bravery attached to it. Love needs bravery. A lover needs to destroy his internal fear. The fear of losing its lover. When this fear is overcome, you become a true Valentine. Your love becomes fearless, brave, and totally free. Your love then becomes an experience of pure joy. You can then enjoy the fragrance of your Valentine without nervousness, and fear. Every moment will then be a memory to be cherished.

We suffer from a shortage of love, and loving moments. We miss so badly the magic of true love, that in our lives this is the most important thing we all seek. Make your love an act of giving. Don't think what you will get out of it. Give it to those who are eagerly seeking your love. Shower on them the fragrance of your love, give them their live's happiest moments. Tell them, "I am your Valentine."

Happy Valentine's Day !