I Am Yours

There comes times in all our lives when certain people deeply inspire us. We feel drawn and attracted to them. Like a magnet we are pulled to their ideals, values, mission, and personality. They are our role-models. Something we hope to become one day. We take lessons from their teachings. This attraction is a pure spiritual attraction. When this happens, we submit, we say "I am yours".

But besides this spiritual attraction, nature has created another exciting attraction for us. It is when we fall in love with a person, mostly of the opposite sex, in a romantic way. We feel a combination of love, and lust for this person. We constantly think of this person. We dream of spending more and more time with this person. We feel happy when with him/her. We enjoy their presence, and miss their absence. When this happens, we tell that person, "I am yours".

But let us look a bit deeper. Who do we actually belong to ? Do we belong to the one we love or the one we follow ? Or do we belong to the one who created us ? The decision is ours. We choose. We choose whom we surrender to. Towards whose commands we are willing to bend, and accept. The one who rules our hearts.

The statement, "I am yours" has tremendous emotional depth. It is said only where there is deep meaning, deep feeling, deep commitment, deep loyalty. To use it casually and to retrace at a later date would indicate weak foresight, and a blot on the character. So, the next time you feel the need to use these deep words, think a little, feel a little, pause a little. After you have done a little of all this, do a little more of all this. To ensure this process, you would have utilised some time on the clock. This is the clock of contemplating and reflection. It will tell you whether you can now say, "I am yours".

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