When I have a conversation, I often feel difficult at people understanding me. It seems I am saying something, and they are thinking something else. The connection, the chemistry is missing. I feel alone. I feel I am not understood. I can't connect with people.

This lack of connection is a common phenomenon. It's nothing to worry about. Different people are tuned differently. Moreover, human sensitivity is missing in many of us when that crucial moment of connection is sought. Our voice lacks the right compassion, our eyes the right acceptance, and our body language the right understanding. We miss that magic moment. The connection does not happen. If you feel this is happening to you often, don't worry. Most of humanity falls in your category. Human connection is not the most important thing in your life. Human connection is external, and partly out of your control. But there is something which is fully in your control. That is how you are feeling when you are sitting all by yourself. Think how you are feeling, you can create your internal magic all by yourself. You don't need people.

A man feels good when he is happy with his values, beliefs, and actions. You don't need an approval rating from others. You don't need to connect. It will not matter then if you can't connect to people. Because you will still feel internal joy.

Often we fail to make that connection for a very simple reason. We are more interested to talk about ourselves, and less interested to learn, and understand the other person. We need to have a little less interest in ourselves and a little more interest in the other person. Probably then you may less likely be prone to saying, "I can't connect with people".