I Can't Forget

It was a slap on his face. His close friend told a nasty thing about him to another friend of his. And what goes around comes around. He learnt about this. His heart hurt. The friendship which he cherished deeply had its foundation shaken. This experience weakened his faith in humanity. His hurt was deep.

After 1 week his friend came to him and asked for forgiveness. At this juncture he was at a crossroad. He had the choice - to forgive or not. Obviously, since his friend himself had come forward without being told, he considered that his friend was repentant and he should forgive. So he did the obvious thing. He forgave. Then, he secretly remembered the hurtful words uttered by his friend behind his back, and he said to himself, "I can't forget".

Forgiveness is a tough act to do. The hurt caused has to be overlooked. But to forget the hurt is the toughest thing to do. Like a tape recorder it keeps playing back. The memories come back. It's tough to repair to perfection the glass of trust when broken. To forget is tough. Because when an unpleasant interaction between the 2 people occurs, all the past hurt becomes fresh again, we suddenly remember the past, as if forgiveness never happened, as if the old wound never healed fully.

All wounds have the potential to heal fully. For that a little time is required. Time is the greatest healer. But besides time the wound needs a little medical dressing and covering. The medical dressing helps to give a logical explanation to the hurt and make it heal faster. The covering ensures no new infection comes and is exposed to the fresh wound. Just cover the recent hurtful memories immediately for sometime, otherwise fresh infection may make the wound more serious and even untreatable. Every wound can heal fully, just as every hurt can be treated with forgiveness and healed with forgetfulness. When that happens, you will not only have forgiven, but also fully forgotten. The broken glass of trust will then be given a fresh rebirth, a new lease of life, and a happy road for the future of the relationship.

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