She was with her friends. She was going through a very bad patch financially. She had moved from a bigger home to a very small home. It was getting difficult to make ends meet. She had gathered with her college friends for a party after a year. They asked how she was. Should she speak the truth ? Or should she give the socially correct answer ? She preferred to maintain her dignity, she said to herself, "I can't speak the truth".

Truth can also be interpreted as representing facts. Are facts more important or feelings ? When you meet a 80 year old woman, the fact that she is 80 years is not important. Her feelings are more important. Tell her she is looking nice, and fresh. Give a love massage to her feelings. Truth does not matter in this case. When truth does not matter, you don't need to speak the truth.

Truth is perception. Truth differs for different people. Your perception can cause pain to someone else. Is imposing your perception more important or avoiding pain more important ? Wise men use their wisdom to avoid pain. They portray truth with correct judgement. A judgement which brings net gain, and joy and avoids pain, and hurt. After all truth in most cases is only a perception. Let your perception be used for joy. If it brings pain, don't speak it. Drop your ego, and self-righteousness and be sensitive to others, and guide yourself by saying, "I can't speak the truth".

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