His parents brought him up with good comforts till he was 21. They ensured he got a good education. As he was sitting in his bedroom, his father came to him and said, "Son, I have done my duty, now it's your turn to put this stepping stone to build your career, I will put you in a rented accommodation for 1 year, with some pocket money, you find a job, and start your life". The boy was in a shock. He hailed from India, and what happened was very un-Indian in its social tradition. It was western, capitalistic. The boy realised he had a tough life ahead of him. He was expecting to inherit his father's wealth, business. He thought it was his right. He realised it was not his foregone right, instead it was his father's right to exercise the call. Often, we take our blessings for granted. It's as if we have a right to be blessed forever. The boy was young, but this incident taught him a lesson which would hold him in good stead - he said to himself - "I learnt not to expect".

Expectations cause sorrow. Because in their expectation lies uneasiness. And in their failure to deliver lies deep pain. Expectations need to be delivered to bring joy. But what happens when they remain pregnant inside even after its delivery date. They can cause death to both the mother and child. Expectations which are not delivered cause a deadly blow to both sides of the relationship. Expectations are very fragile. They need to be handled with great care, and their emotions need to be nurtured with deep sensitivity. Many people will expect many things from you. Be sensitive, care for their feelings. Because man is not a machine. Instead, he is an imperfect, emotional, genius. There is imperfection, emotionality, and brilliance all rolled into one. To handle this triple hamburger, you will need big hands to hold all the 3 parts together. You will need to be a demi-god. It's not a simple, human task - it's a super human task. To train all your faculties to perform this holy duty to fulfil expectations is worthy of the highest praise and honour.

On one side, you do your best to fulfil expectations. And on the other side you don't seek anything, you live as if you are without any expectation. It's a one way traffic, where the direction is only to give. The traffic on the side of receiving has been blocked. This is the only system of traffic where we can prevent emotional pain to us. It's guaranteed. This theory is known to many. Its practice attempted by most. But still it's nearly impossible to master fully. Only practice takes us to become more skilful, and achieve greater mastery. To fulfil expectations and at the same time not to have any is the story of spiritual legends. When you sense you have seen such a legend, make him your master.