Time zones differentiate the world mainly through sunrise, and sunset. The eastern parts of earth are ahead in their time zone as the sunrise is earlier there. But if you are ahead in time zone, that's all there is to it, nothing more. It does not mean you are ahead in wealth, power, happiness.

Just as the time zone clock is different in different parts, so is the time zone mind. Different minds perceive different things in different ways at different times. Our perceptions differ, so do their timings. It's not right to judge a person based on the speed of his response. Because speed may not necessarily be the best timing. In many matters, there is nothing like best timing. Because timing is not always the most critical thing. It is the quality of our actions and reactions which matter more.

The heart is timeless. It can't age. When you are 90 years, your feelings don't get old. Emotions constantly churn like waves in the ocean, sometimes rising and other times ebbing. The deeper you can feel, the greater the human connectivity. Your feelings reflect in your words. Your words are a mere projection of how you are feeling. Feelings are timeless, like the clouds they come and go. The heart has no time zone.

Our ambitions and goals are bound by time. We are in a rat race, we need to achieve something within a certain time frame. Hurry, hurry leads to more worry. We are competing against the same people who would need to be our object of love. It's a contradiction. A contradiction which restricts the freedom of our spirit. We can remove this contradiction. We have to realign our goals. We have to put the 2 values of compassion, and giving as our goals. Then, suddenly there will be no contradiction, no competition. You will be at peace with yourself, and those around. Then, you will whisper to yourself, "I live in my own time zone".

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