Life is a circle. Some we need. Some need us. But life is also a justice. The way you treat those who need you defines the way you get treated by the ones you need.

If life were about greed, we would only look at our needs. If life were about inner peace, we would look at fulfilling other's needs.

The problem in this equation lies in our definition of need. We define need by home, car, money, women, wine. This is how majority of humanity has decided to define their needs. All these things can be acquired. Acquired externally. And shown off big time. Through this we fulfil the need of our ego.

Let's invert the glass, change the definition. Let's move our definition of need from physical to intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. If we sum up these 3 attributes, and ask only 1 question - "in which state can I enjoy the greatest emotional, intellectual, and spiritual state ?", there is only 1 answer - "in a state of happiness, I enjoy these 3 to the maximum".

Happiness is the ultimate state of bliss. Where there is happiness, you don't need anything. You don't need home, car, money, women, wine. Because happiness exists in bliss even in solitude. It does not need physical company to maintain its blissfulness.

The majority of humanity seeks physical comforts and pleasures. They wrongly perceive and conclude that is the path to happiness. Happiness is a feeling, an emotion. How can a 5 star hotel give you happiness ? It's an illusion. Only your mind, thoughts, and feelings can make you feel happy. The focus needs to change.

There are 4 things if practised leads to the greatest happiness :

1. Love - where there is love, there is life. When you transmit love to others, you feel cozy and safe within.

2. Help - help whenever someone asks or often even feels shy to ask, when you do that you will feel a beautiful lightness and weightlessness in you.

3. Positivity - the positivity you exude is a light which lights other candles, it is the hope of humanity, and the happiness of your soul.

4. Lose - when you are willing to lose and let go of everything, you become fearless, you assume the greatest power.

These are 4 great pearls of wisdom. Each one is a pearl itself. These are life's 4 most valuable pearls. So next time someone says, "I need you", use these pearls. The pearls which people thought you owned have now become humanity's treasure.

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